Production Equipment

 High and Low Pressure Separators, Fuel Scurbbers, Blowcases, Line Heaters, Test Separators, Coalescing Filters, etc... 

Well Testing Equipment

 Test Separators, Sand Separators, Line Heaters, Flares, etc...  

Processing and Treating Equipment

 Amine Regen Units and Contactors, Dehydration Unit and Contactors, Passive Dehy Units, etc...  

Pipeline & Compressor Equipment

 Pig Launchers and Receivers, Slug Catchers, Separators, etc...  

Pipe Fabrication

 Compressor Headers Modules, Well Headers Modules, Pipe Spools, Supports, etc... 

Custom Fabrication

Plate fabrication, ducts, reducers, cones...


Recondition & Repair

Whether ASME code or non-code, we offer component or systems reconditioning to Oil & Gas equipment. Coupled with repair and modification services, it allows customers to maximize their capital investment and possibly reduce project commissioning. 

Project Management

Our project management capabilities incorporate planning, scheduling, controlling, and other key project processes to execute projects effectively to meet customer objectives.  The project group incorporates already proven project processes and techniques to achieve project success. 

Technical Design & Support

Our Technical group works closely with your design team to provide mechanical, process, structural, and piping design services.  Our technical group utilizes proven industry design processes and software to design equipment components and systems. 

General Welding

 Welding is done in accordance to a specific code or as required by the customer.  Regardless of the requirements, our tested and qualified welders produce the highest quality weld possible using manual and semiautomatic welding.  (SAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, carbon and stainless) 


Our sandblasting and painting capabilities allow us to produce a finish product.  From industrial to marine paint systems, our qualified personnel will meet your needs. 


Our testing services are performed in internally and in collaboration with our external support.  Hydro testing and visual inspections are performed internally wihile all non-destructive and destructive testing are performed by external team members.